Patient Testimonials

My experience was very professional, yet there was a great amount of care and concern. Everyone at the clinic and hospital was very kind and did their jobs well. Dr. Yohannes was very comforting and reassuring about the procedure. I would recommend the clinic and the doctors to anyone. Best place in the country to go.
Dan, Sioux City, IA

The doctors, nurses and staff of the Urology Health Center were very professional and personable making the experience of prostate surgery tolerable. We were especially pleased with Dr. Yohannes and the DaVinci robotic procedure. The thorough follow-up and recovery were much less difficult than we had expected. Thank you, Dr. Yohannes and staff.
Robert, Hastings, NE

My experience with prostate cancer from biopsy till surgery and recovery was the best I could hope for. I stayed in the hospital 2 days and returned to work full time 3 weeks later. Dr. Yohannes, the nurses and office staff of Urology Health Center and FAMC provided high quality care.
Brian, Scribner, NE

I deeply appreciate the professional and highly technical medical skill used by Dr. Paulos Yohannes and his staff to treat my prostate cancer. I thank you from my heart.
Robert, Omaha, NE

I called Dr. Yohannes requesting a second opinion regarding a prostate cancer diagnosis. He scheduled me in immediately. With a thorough examination Dr. Yohannes recommended prostate removal by the DaVinci method. I agreed and he scheduled me in later that week. I arrived at the hospital at 10:30 am. Dr. Yohannes removed my prostate and I was walking immediately upon recovery. By noon the next day I was eating real food and was released before noon on the third day. All of this was accomplished with virtually no pain. My life mate and I drove home from Fremont to Brookville KS and I immediately assumed my regular schedule. Six months post surgery I am cancer free, have no incontinence problem and do have erectile function. Dr. Yohannes, the nurses and the hospital staff were outstanding.
Art, Brookville, KS

The doctors and staff were very knowledgeable and competent in all phases of prostate surgery and before and after care. Thank you.
Richard, Mead, NE

His experience with the robotic procedure made Dr. Yohannes the perfect choice for my prostatectomy (Idid not want someone practicing on me). His manner and demeanor have always been relxed but entirely professional. During pre-op and recovery, the hospital staff was helpful and cordial. Under the circumstances (having the surgery is not on my list of 10 favorite things to do), it turned out to be a positive experience.
Dennis, Omaha, NE

I had Robotic Laparoscopic surgery in June 2005 for prostate cancer. I am very pleased with the results and have been cancer free.
Arnold, York, NE

After 10 years of prostate problems, enlargement and high PSA count, it was removed by robotic surgery in January of 2007. During the 10 years, I had 5 biopsies and 2 TURP procedures. It was great relief to have it gone. The procedure went well; I had great care by the doctors and nurses. I can’t say enough about the cancer clinic and the FAMC. For a year and a half, my PSA count is zero. Doctors Khan and Yohannes are the best!
Dale, Blair, NE

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