Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient for many years. Dr. Yohannes is very professional
and friendly. I can discuss any issue and receive professional advice. Dr.
Yohannes performed surgery for prostate cancer. It was very successful,
and I had no side effects. He has perfect bedside manners and is a true
Christian gentleman.
-Donald, Celebration, FL

My name is George. I am from So. Souix city, I was very happy with the
Doctor and nurses. While I was in the hospital, the care was very good. I
would recommend Dr. Yohannes to anyone who needs help with prostate
problems or prostate cancer.
-George, South Souix City, NE

When you hear the big "C" word, all sorts of thoughts go through your mind.
Your friends tell you stories of all the prostate surgeries they have heard
about. What a nightmare! Dr. Yohannes and his staff explained everything
in detail so there were no surprises. They were very patient and caring.
The "Robot" did his job, and my recovery was short. I only had my catheter
for 1 week and no complications. My PSA is 0! Dr. Yohannes has a great
bed side manner and a good sense of humor, which helps you get through
it all.
-Bob, Sioux City, IA

The testing and surgery performed by the Urology Health Center and Dr.
Yohannes was done in a professional manner. I was satisfied with the
-Michael, Ames, NE

The daVinci surgery was performed superbly by Dr. Yohannes. I had the
surgery on Wednesday, flew back to Savannah on Sunday, and started
back to work on Monday on about a 75% basis. There were no complications
from the surgery, and I would recommend Dr. Yohannes and the daVinci prostate surgical procedure to anyone needing prostate surgery.
-Cedric, Savannah, GA

In the past 17 years, Dr. Khan did a very good job of monitoring my PSA
levels and doing extra tests when needed. In 2006, when my level reached
it’s highest and Dr. Khan was sure it needed immediate attention, he diagnosed
me with prostate cancer. He then had me meet Dr. Yohannes and he discussed with me the daVinci prostatectomy that he would perform to
remove my prostate. Both doctors, their nurses, and all the other staff at
the Urology Health Center did an excellent job of explaining and preparing
me for the procedure. I want to thank all of them for their care and concern
before and after my surgery.
-Leo, Oneill, NE

My experience with the cancer was scary at first, but Dr. Yohannes and his staff were very kind and helpful, putting me at ease almost from the start. You were all helpful and caring to all my concerns. The hospital made me as comfortable as home. The room service for food was very good and easy to order whenever I needed. Everyone took the fear away and treated me like family. A very pleasant experience.
Dennis, Carroll, IA

Thank God for the expertise of the doctors and their staff and the caring and professionalism of the hospital staff. We are very fortunate to have this level of care in Nebraska.
Jerrold, Smithfield, NE

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