Patient Testimonials

Dr. Yohannes did my cancer surgery and was very caring and helpful. His
nurses at the hospital and at the office were also top-notch; they helped me
through the follow up care, which in my case was longer than some. I had
many questions and Dr. Yohannes answered them all.
-Delbert, Sloan, IA

The diagnosis was prostate cancer. I was 77 years old and the doctor gave
me three options for treatment: seed implant, radiation, or wait and see.
After research I didnít like these options. My daughter-in-law had heard
about Dr. Yohannes and the daVinci Prostatectomy. I was pleased to be a
candidate for this surgery and I want to thank Dr. Yohannes, his good staff,
and also the hospital for the fine care I received. I recovered fully and feel
-Lavern, Hardy, NE

Dr. Yohannes was extremely personal and helpful to me and I am extremely
please I had surgery in Fremont. Dr. Yohannes and the entire staff of the
Urology Health Center as well as the hospital staff made my surgery experience and recovery a satisfying experience. I spent less than 72 hours in
the hospital and experienced little discomfort after surgery and recovery. I
highly recommend Dr. Yohannes, the Urology Health Center and the
Fremont hospital staff.
-Rodney, Goodyear, AZ

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was a little scared about it.
Dr. Yohannes and Dr. Khan put those fears to rest. Very professional! The
whole staff at UHC is very friendly and makes you feel at ease. From the
moment you are greeted by Stacy at the front desk, you are made to feel
comfortable. Lynn and Brienna, who in a situation that was a little embarrassing for me, made me feel OK. The whole experience given the situation was a good one-Fremont hospital as well.
-Elias, Lincoln, NE

My name is Harold from Fremont. I had been having problems with urine
flow. After a treatment, cancer cells were discovered. A decision to remove
the prostate was made by Dr. Khan and me. Surgery was done by Dr.
Yohannes using the daVinci method. All who helped me were very good at
what they do.
-Harold, Fremont, NE

The stay I had at the Fremont hospital was very different in 2007, than I
had expected. All hospital staff from sign in to your room nurses and help,
were really polite, helpful, and certainly very efficient. Their smiles and
politeness made my stay pleasant. The doctors-WOW! Yes, they too were
so ‘really something’. Thanks to you all!
-Duane, Tekamah, NE

I am very thankful to Dr. Khan for diagnosing my prostate cancer. I was in
the early stage. With the talent of Dr. Yohannes and his skill with the robotic
machine, he removed the prostate. I was fortunate that I did not have to
have any treatments after the surgery. I extend a heartfelt thank you to the
entire staff at the hospital, they did an excellent job during and after my surgery. My recovery went very well, I had no trouble. I highly recommend Dr.
Khan and Dr. Yohannes and their entire staff. Thank you!
-Delrae, North Bend, NE

How I thank God for Dr. Khan, Dr. Yohannes, and their wonderful staff for
discovering and removing my prostate cancer last month. I strongly recommend you to their advanced medical care and treatment. Because of their efforts, my life has been extended! Thnak you again!
-Calvin, Fremont, NE

Very satisfied with the surgery and the care, would recommend the doctors,
staff and hospital.
-Norman, West Point, NE

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