Creighton Urologic Surgery:
International Leader in Robotic Surgery Over the past year, Drs. Rei Chiou and Paulos Yohannes, Urologic Surgeons at Creighton University Medical Center (CUMC), have been performing leading edge urologic procedures using the new da Vinci™ Robotic Surgical System. “The role of minimally invasive surgical techniques in urology continues to be defined in the 21st century. Robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery has created a whole new dimension in urology; the ability to suture with no tremor makes the robot an ideal surgical tool to perform intracorporeal laparoscopic suturing. Its benefits to patients are numerous, and include shorter hospital stay, less postoperative pain, less blood loss, and better cosmesis with hardly-noticeable scars,” comments Dr. Paulos Yohannes. Dr. Yohannes has extensive experience using the da Vinci™ robot; demonstrated through being recognized as the first (or one of the first) surgeons: In the United States to robotically repair the ureter that was wrapped around the inferior vena cava. • In the United States to perform a retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for testicular cancer using the da Vinci™ robot with manual laparoscopy. • In the United States to perform a robotic assisted cystoprostatectomy for bladder cancer with the assistance of Dr. Ranjan Sudan, Associate Professor of Surgery at CUMC (first was in Germany). • In the world to perform a robotic assisted ureteral reimplant for ureteral stricture disease. • In the United States to perform robotically assisted pyeloplasties • In Nebraska to perform a robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (Omaha is first among the following U.S. cities: Iowa City, New York, San Francisco and Detroit). For more information about minimally invasive urologic surgical services, contact Drs. Paulos Yohannes or Rei Chiou at (402) 280-5252









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